Undoubtedly, many of your employees also use mobile phones at your company. Cheap calling is one thing, but if your mobile security is as leaky as a screen, then you are not going to save. Therefore, be aware of these mobile threats and get advice. 

Threat 1 l Public Wifi networks

We all make massive use of public WiFi networks, but they pose a serious threat. Whenever you connect to a public network with your mobile phone, there is a chance of stealing data.

Therefore, always ensure a Virtual Private Network connection, or VPN. Although it is not always user-friendly, it is safe to work. A professional network administrator is essential to guide you. At Netcom Solutions we are happy to advise you. 

Threat 2 l Data leaks

Data leaks are by far the biggest threat to your business. 28% of companies run the risk of being confronted with this, often human error is the cause. 

However, firewalls and mobile virus scanners can prevent a lot of trouble on your mobile phone. Let your employees only use apps from the app store and have them protect the phone with a password. 

Threat 3 l Phishing 

A term that we have been hearing frequently lately. This is internet fraud whereby the scammers lure people to a fake website to steal personal information. Fraudsters often use e-mails for this, more than 91% of phishing cases start with a fake e-mail. A good e-mail filter works wonders and does not open e-mails with a dubious e-mail address. 

Threat 4 l Obsolete appliances 

Many companies work with outdated devices. In addition, software updates are often not implemented. Have recent devices, update them regularly and take all necessary security measures. You can even block the device if updates are not performed. Maybe worth considering? 

Don't take any chances

At Netcom Solutions we help you make cheap calls and the cloud also has no secrets for us, but you don't want to eat up your savings because of a faulty security. In addition to the fact that we let you make cheap calls or help you quickly to the cloud, we also think along about cyber security. 

Has data already cost you a lot of money?

Know that your company's cell phones can be a serious threat. Knowing more? Give us a call and we will make an analysis!