The corona virus may be terrible, but it has put home working completely on the map. It may deter many entrepreneurs, control you know, but nowadays all the tools are available to make a success of working from home. At Netcom Solutions we are happy to provide the necessary support and guidance. These 5 ways are a good starting point. 

Provide secure VPN connections 

Employees who need to remotely access files on servers, better send them over a secure VPN connection. This way you don't give hackers a chance and your valuable data remains well protected. Home workers can handle important traffic jams, while you don't have to worry about your cybersecurity. 

Work with the latest version of Office 365

If you count on Office 365 in the cloud, make sure that your employees always have the latest version. By working in the cloud, they can access their documents and applications anytime, anywhere, so that they can also be productive remotely. 

Skype for Business

Skype is fun, but provide your employees with the professional environment. This tool fits in perfectly with Office 365. It may be worthwhile to also provide a headset. 

Count on your IP telephone exchange 

Always and everywhere available? You arrange this via a high-performance IP telephone exchange. Your telephony is thus integrated with your IT applications, enabling flexible working. 

Go for Unified Communication

Do your employees work in a team? Then Unified Communication is a must. They are in contact with each other via instant messaging, presence indicators and video conferencing tools. Moreover, you seamlessly link your employees to your telephone exchange, so that they can also be reached in their home office. 

Netcom Solutions thinks along 

We have many years of experience and are at your side with advice and solutions.  In addition, we also provide the cheapest telephony solution and guide you through the tangle of suppliers. After all, you have more important things on your mind right now. We can of course also advise and guide you remotely. 

Need help choosing the right system? 

Are you overwhelmed by the situation and are you still looking for solutions to optimize the return on work from home? We like to think along with you.