If you are moving as a company, the ICT must also come along. There is often more to it than you think. The entire IT infrastructure has to be dismantled and rebuilt, which is quite a job. Moreover, this should have as little impact as possible on day-to-day functioning. With the 7 tips below, you can already prepare for this. 

Tip 1 l Make a detailed preparation 

Start planning your IT move in good time. Without a good plan, many things are guaranteed to go wrong. A step-by-step and backup plan are the minimum. 

Tip 2 l Make clear agreements 

Appoint a project manager or assume that responsibility yourself. Communicate clearly and transparently. Preferably move during the night and write down in advance what definitely needs to work the next morning. A checklist can certainly help. 

Tip 3 l There is more than just IT

IT is one thing, but don't lose sight of your telephony, peripherals and hardware. 

Tip 4 l Provide backups 

Don't take any chances and make sure to back up all important hardware and software. During the move, something may break or go wrong and you want to be able to revert to the last working version. 

Tip 5 l Preferably move in steps 

Do you want to move everything in one (truck) vehicle or in one go? You better spread the risk. Moreover, you only move the backups when everything else is on site.

Tip 6 l Make sure your partners are informed

Notify your external partner and providers such as Netcom Solutions. Everyone must be up to date and know what is expected of them and when. 

Tip 7 l Review the points for improvement afterwards 

So everything has moved, time to evaluate and see what could be done better / cheaper. Comparing your telecom rates can certainly be worthwhile when moving. At Netcom Solutions we provide the most advantageous telecom rate on the market anyway. But also consider which ICT processes or components can use an upgrade. Just think of working in the cloud or using a high-performance CRM system. 

Knowing more? 

If you would like to know more about the cheapest telecom rates or to appeal to the best practices regarding relocation, please give us a call. We are happy to advise you.