The image of your business is important. You cannot always be reachable, so a professional voicemail message is a necessity. This can be done on your mobile phone as well as on the fixed number of the company. With these 7 tips you can already create a successful message for your smartphone and / or telephone exchange in the cloud. 

Tip 1 l Make sure you have the right tone of voice

The message must match that of your business in terms of style and words. Conservative, trendy, anything is possible as long as it suits you and your customers. As far as we are concerned, even humor can. 

Tip 2 l Provide a clear message

Usually the message is that you cannot be reached, but that you will call back after leaving a message. However, you can also encourage callers to send their message through another channel, for example by e-mail. With our professional solutions, we at Netcom Solutions ensure that you don't miss a single phone call and recorded messages can also end up in your mailbox right away. 

Tip 3 l Short is better

Keep your message as short and concise as possible. People want to leave their message quickly and that's it. Time your message and cut out everything unnecessary. It really doesn't have to take longer than 25 seconds. 

Tip 4 l Ask for specific information

If you want to be able to work more efficiently and save time, ask your caller to leave more information. The more information you let them speak, the better you can prepare, so that the answer will be faster and tailored. 

Tip 5 l Provide certainty

Clearly state within what time limit the caller can expect an answer. Send this already in your voicemail, but do not create false expectations. Keep what you promise.

Tip 6 l Put an FAQ on your website 

Refer your customers to an FAQ on your website and you will have a lot less work. A reference to your social media channels can also be a solution. 

Tip 7 l Let technology support you 

At Netcom Solutions we are at home in technology and telephone exchanges no longer hold any secrets for us. So we do a lot more than just help you get the cheapest telecom rates. 

We offer you the appropriate telephone exchange in the cloud and are specialists in VoIP. This way you have a handy telephone menu in no time at all, you can be reached anytime and anywhere, call forwarding is a piece of cake and that is super cheap too.

A technological solution makes your work easier and makes you appear professional.  

Would you like to know more about what we at Netcom Solutions can do for your business, do you want the lowest telephone rates and professional advice? Give us a call, our advisors will be happy to calculate your savings and tell you more about our professional solutions.