Estate agents, you undoubtedly know them from real estate or insurance. There are some with excellent reputations as well as "others", but generally they cost you quite a bit of money. Bee Netcom Solutions we are also brokers, but of a completely different kind.  After all, we do not cost you any money, but will save you up to hundreds of euros per month.

Considerable savings on energy and telecom

Many companies pay their energy and telecom bills obediently, but have never bothered to "challenge" their suppliers and / or compare rates. Well, that is exactly the role we take on as a specialized broker. We get to work with your energy and telecom bill, see where savings are possible and ensure the best rates on the market. This without compromising quality and performance. We know both markets inside out, are aware of all the rates of dozens of players and know perfectly how to match the right supplier to your needs. 

In this way you can save tens or hundreds of euros per month without too much effort. And the fun? You don't really have to do anything for that. As a telephony and energy broker, we take care of the heavy lifting, while you enjoy substantial savings.

Switch without worry!

Once the bullet is through and you have decided to switch to a cheaper telecom and / or energy supplier, our specialists will arrange the complete switch. You hardly notice it and the day-to-day business can continue to run without a problem. Logical, because we know that you as an entrepreneur do not want to invest time in this. We facilitate and support this entire process and take care of communication with suppliers.

More than just the cheapest rates

We may have started as a broker in telecom and energy, but in the meantime we do a lot more for many customers. In this way, we have grown into a specialist in cloud systems and we are thinking along with many customers about the optimal way of working, optimizations in telephony and making processes more efficient. 

In this way, not only can additional savings be realized, the work is also more efficient and as a company you take forward-looking steps. Digitization is a fact and if you want to survive as a company, you have to go along. VoIP systems, for example, are extremely popular at the moment and are increasingly replacing traditional telephone exchanges from the market. But even if you need faster internet, we will provide the solution and if you do not yet have a charging station or solar panels, we will come up with the perfect and affordable solution.

Want to know more about what we can do for you?

Do you want to save money, become more efficient and take steps towards digitization? Then we think it would be worthwhile to sit around the table without obligation. A first contact is always without obligation. We then provide a thorough analysis, which reveals many savings opportunities. Give us a call and we will be happy to review your situation! .