Energy prices are historically low, so the time has come to take a closer look at your energy rates and perhaps switch suppliers. But do you opt for a fixed or variable energy tariff? 

Energy price in free fall 

In recent weeks, energy prices have been in free fall. The average annual bill for electricity and natural gas is therefore falling sharply. If you and your company still have an energy contract from a few years ago, it is certainly worthwhile to have this contract examined by our specialists. After all, substantial savings on your energy bill are possible and that is certainly too good to pass up during this period. 

Not only are prices at the bottom, many energy suppliers are taking it a step further with spectacular welcome discounts. Mind you, these benefits quickly disappear, so you better look at the prices in the longer term. 

Variable energy tariff often slightly more attractive than fixed 

The energy market is constantly changing and it is therefore quite a task to continuously monitor this. At Netcom Solutions, this is our business, which means we can also guarantee you the best energy rates. Of course you can choose the certainty of a fixed formula and you will not tear your pants today, because the prices are low, but you still get the most return from a variable energy price. Even with a small correction, you as an entrepreneur are still cheaper with a variable contract. 

At Netcom Solutions we monitor these fluctuations, we negotiate on a daily basis with the energy suppliers and we have an overview of all possible formulas, discounts and prices. This way we can advise you appropriately and always provide you with the most advantageous formula. 

Near bottom 

A further spectacular decline will most likely not be possible in the coming period, unless a new corona peak brings down all statements. Moreover, your energy bill consists to a large extent of levies, taxes and other fees, over which the market has no influence. 

Put our specialists to work!

If you want to be sure of the lowest energy rates for your company, please contact us. Our specialists follow the market closely, can perfectly compare energy rates and can make an analysis based on your past bills. We are happy to help you save on your energy bill and thus contribute to a higher return!