Does corona also have such an impact on your business? Are you facing tough costs and are the income declining? Then changing energy supplier is a step that you can take immediately. Rates are under pressure, prices have never been so low and switching energy supplier pays off. You immediately reduce costs and can use the saved euros for other things!

Worldwide demand for energy is declining

Worldwide, the demand for energy has decreased drastically in recent weeks and you as an entrepreneur can benefit from that. At the moment you are doing golden business by switching to the cheapest energy supplier. Any additional good news? You can often click these inexpensively so that you can enjoy them for several years. At Netcom Solutions we are happy to look for the cheapest solution together with you. In the short and long term. 

Energy prices at a bottom rate

Where prices peaked in 2018, they are now at the bottom price. If you have never looked at your energy bill in recent years because things were running smoothly, there are now opportunities there. Substantial savings are not excluded and you do not want to pass them on now, do you? There are now attractive discounts to be had for energy, but natural gas is also dirt cheap at the moment. Differences of up to hundreds or thousands of euros per year are possible! 

Act now! 

Variable rates are now attractive in the short term, but they offer no certainty for the future. Our advisers work out the best solution together with you. Independently and with your interests in mind. It seems logical that prices will rise again after the corona crisis, so act now is the message.

Think long term 

Many suppliers are currently waving discounts and some help to see the trees through the forest is welcome. At Netcom Solutions we know the energy rates like the back of our hand and we can negotiate the best price for your company anyway. Temporary promotions are great, but we look to the longer term. We look further and go for the lowest price in the long term. 

Have your energy bill analyzed

If you want to save up to hundreds of euros on your energy bill, talk to one of our advisers. This can be done perfectly from a distance. We analyze your current situation and ensure substantial cost savings. We take over the entire switch from you, because you have different priorities.