As an independent broker in energy, we naturally think along with you. We guarantee the lowest energy prices, but go one step further and scrutinize the market for additional savings. A smart thermostat can provide additional savings, even as winter is on its last legs. 

Nowadays there are more smart thermostats on the market that allow you to use energy efficiently, but a recent gem is the DeltaQ. This device can save you a lot by predicting the impact of the sun and the wind. Savings on the energy bill of 40% are possible for office buildings. Interesting, isn't it? 

Respond proactively to the weather 

By heating and cooling at full power when it gets warmer during the day, a lot of energy is lost. You pay that! However, the smart thermostat of this Belgian company can respond preventively to weather changes by means of artificial intelligence, so that the heating and cooling of office buildings can be controlled more intelligently. You can bet that you will use less and your bill will be less high. 

Nearly all offices are currently still heated reactively, which means that they continue to heat up to a certain temperature. However, the heating is always on just a little too long, which wastes a lot of money. However, DeltaQ's AI predicts the weather, so that your heating will anticipate what is coming, for example the sun shining on the windows, and will already proactively take the necessary steps. The software takes into account the expected outside temperature,

The software takes into account the expected outside temperature, the sun and the occupancy rate to simulate the temperature fluctuations in a building and to predict energy demand. Even the difference between shadows in summer and winter is included in the calculations. 

Substantial savings on your energy bill

Large companies can certainly save quite a bit on their energy bill with the above technology, but smaller SMEs can certainly benefit from it. Every euro saved can be used to invest in other things. By combining this technology with the rates of the cheapest energy supplier on the market, you can save quite a bit. At Netcom Solutions we keep a finger on the pulse all the time and resolutely ensure the cheapest energy rates. But we also think along with you structurally in the long term about how energy costs can be reduced. 

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