We are going through difficult times. It is not easy for entrepreneurs and employees also have a hard time. Is your company still doing well, are you surviving the corona crisis and are you considering paying the energy costs at home with your company, because you now work more from home? We list a few rules. 

Only the tax authorities can provide a definitive answer 

To get straight to the point: only the tax authorities determine whether or not energy costs are accepted as operating costs. For liberal professionals and if you carry out your activity at home, this is usually clear, but the size of the part that is paid by the company can lead to discussion. If you work a lot more from home because of the corona crisis, this may open up new perspectives. Be sure to discuss this with your accountant. 

Make a realistic estimate of how much energy you are effectively using for your business activities. For example, if you have a desk, look at how the square meters are in relation to the total space and use this as a graduated scale. Don't overdo it, or an inspector will no doubt fall over it. 

It is an advantage in kind 

Having gas and electricity paid by your company is considered a benefit in kind. Here your company must therefore pay taxes. Fixed rates have been drawn up for this to avoid discussion. Only when the costs are higher than this flat rate it becomes interesting for you. If your total costs are lower than the fixed amount, it is better to keep the costs private. A matter of fiscal optimization. 

 Save and get advice 

Do you want professional advice? Then be sure to contact your accountant. But our advisors can also tell you more. 

Do you want to pay less? 

We not only help you find the cheapest energy supplier so that you can save hundreds of euros, we also help you find the most optimal way. We are at home with energy bills and can assist you in making the right choice.