What do you choose?

As an employer you might hand out a lot of smartphones to your employees? Logically, it is therefore an indispensable tool. But what is the best choice for a company? Do you swear by Apple and its iOS or Google's Android? We put the two next to each other and are happy to help you choose. 


Which operating system is more secure?   

 As a business manager, you better be aware of the security of your network. Both iOS and Android are safe, but at Apple both the device and the operating system are made by the same company. This ensures a seamless connection. As a result, Apple iPhones are almost impossible to hack and many functions have additional security. Android is an open operating system, so you are not tied to the iPhone, but can choose Samsung, for example. On an Android it is possible to download unauthorized apps, which poses a security risk. It is possible to send encrypted e-mails via an app and if you only use apps from the Play Store, then you are also safe. But it is necessary to point this out to your employees.

How can you manage the devices?  

 Mobile Device Management (MDM) is standard in iOS. So you can centrally manage everything neatly, set and monitor restrictions. In addition, private and work data can be separated from each other. Android For Work offers several options. You can fully manage devices or allow both private and work accounts on the devices. You can also keep them perfectly separated from each other here.  

Cost price?    

We don't have to tell you that an iPhone isn't cheap. This while there are very affordable smartphones that run on Android. When purchasing the devices, think about the quality. Smartphones at work often have to endure a little more.

The choice is yours?  

 Good or bad, you notice that both are similar and the choice is in your hands. Work and private life can be separated on both systems, although with Android everything takes a little more effort. The iOS is almost impossible to hack and that can be an advantage, but the devices are often more expensive. Android is an open system and if your employees are careless, this can cause problems.

Made a choice?

Have you made your choice? Then we help you with the cheapest telecom rates. As a broker, we specialize in comparing rates and negotiating the best rates. We will look for the cheapest solution for you, regardless of the type of device you have chosen.