More and more competitors, prices under pressure and a lot of threats? Nowadays you have to get out of your pipe to distinguish yourself. An important factor to keep sides? Strong customer service! But how do you go about this and how can cloud communication help you? We already give you 3 trumps of cloud communication. 

Trump 1 l Increase your internal productivity with cloud communication 

If you want to communicate efficiently, you need to streamline both your internal and external communication. One central communication network and optimal accessibility, also outside the home, can help. This is especially essential if you have several branches. 

If you communicate via the cloud, you can access your company information from anywhere. Moreover, you can easily collaborate, make video calls and even share screens. Moreover, you can see at a glance whether your colleague is present and you can also chat. A high-performance cloud platform does not make you take one but at least two steps forward. 

Trump 2 l Your customers will benefit 

Your customer wants the right contact person on the line right away. Moreover, he also wants quick contact, even if the contact person can only be reached by mobile or at work from home. Customers do not want to waste time and do not always want to email. Via cloud communication and telephony you can easily forward calls, both to your home and mobile. Moreover, you can save conversations in the cloud and make them accessible to several people. 

By centralizing information, other employees can also help the customer further. This way you improve your service and customer satisfaction. 

Trump 3 l Ultimate accessibility 

Whether you are working from home or on location, you are always easily accessible. Nowadays, all employees are rarely in one location at the same time. With cloud communication, that is no obstacle at all. After all, you always have your telephone exchange with you. You can be reached on one number, switch blindly between fixed and mobile and never miss an important call. You bet that the customer service will benefit. 

With cloud telephony you streamline your processes, increase efficiency and exceed customer expectations. You place the customer first and you also increase your own return. 

Want to know more about cloud communication? 

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