Have you ever listened to music on hold for hours? Then you know perfectly how frustrating this is. It can be different! As a company you can also be optimally accessible and work efficiently without a choice menu. We tell you how to do that! 

Work with direct numbers

By working with direct numbers and separate call flows, the selection menu can be omitted. Give each employee their own direct number with a calling group. Several telephones then start to ring at the same time, so that several calls can be received at the same time. If you don't see this technically, it is of course also possible to work with one central telephone number and to centralize incoming calls to one person. Short numbers can then be used to transfer calls to individuals or call groups. 

Are you still going for a choice menu? 

Still won for a choice menu? Keep it simple. Limit the number of options. Customers with questions want to be helped quickly and not listen to a menu 3 times. Also limit the waiting time. Make sure callers can leave a message and call them back as soon as possible. 

Provide a personalized approach 

A personalized welcome message indicates professionalism and creates a bond. Also keep your customer informed about the waiting time as much as possible. If your customer calls outside opening hours, provide a message with the opening hours or alternative methods of contacting. In this way, the customer feels at least already helped. 

Employees must be able to work smoothly with telephony 

How often do you see (new) employees struggling with telephony? Call forwarding does not work and it quickly leads to frustration for all parties. Provide a proper manual or explain the telephone system when onboarding. Everyone benefits from that. 

Limit the calls 

A clear website is a necessity and include the most frequently asked questions in an FAQ. It takes quite some time, but you quickly win it back. This way people can get an answer to their questions 24/7.

Can you use some help? 

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