No two companies are the same and each company has its own way of working and specifics. Your telephony can therefore better be geared to this, if you want to work optimally. At Netcom Solutions we list a few options and we are happy to think along with you. This way, we not only come up with the most economical solution, but also the one that best suits your needs. 

A lot on the track? 

Employees who are often on the road and rarely in the office themselves? Then VoIP telephony is undoubtedly an efficient solution. This way you can also be reached on the track on your business number and you and your employees can call it. Often everything can also be neatly monitored and set in a handy app. A stable 4G connection is actually a must, but this is rarely a problem in our country. 

Fixed workplaces? 

Nothing wrong with the classic telephones and the associated exchange. If the desks are used flexibly or if there is some movement in the office, it can pay off to invest in handsets. These devices can easily be taken with you. If everyone has their own place, webphones, whether or not in combination with a headset, are perfect.  

This way you save on the costs of a landline. We would be happy to discuss with you which solution is the most advantageous and which fits your company perfectly.

Flexible workplaces 

Combine working from home, on the job or a permanent place in the office? Even then we provide the perfect telephony solutions. If you always use the same laptop and fixed internet, you can use a web phone. You don't need anything extra except your laptop and headset. If you always work in the same building, but you don't always have your laptop with you or access to fixed internet, then a handset is the perfect solution. This often works up to 40 meters from the base station. 

Work out a tailor-made proposal? Do you have a special situation at the office? 

 Do you want to make calls as cheaply and flexibly as possible and / or do you also want to integrate your mobile devices and smartphones into the whole? Give us a call! We like to think along with you and come up with an affordable solution. Undoubtedly the cheapest on the market. After all, as a specialist, we are always aware of the cheapest telecom rates! Contact us today and we will provide a tailor-made solution!