Switching to the cloud? With the tips below and a reliable partner you can make it a success. We are happy to put you on the way to a better functioning company, often at lower costs. 

Which type of cloud suits your company? 

By switching to the cloud, you no longer need to have your own IT infrastructure, which often means not only less stress, but also lower costs. You have the choice between a private cloud, which you use alone with your company, a public cloud or a hybrid model. 

When choosing which solution is suitable for your company, you are best advised. The most important decision is already which type of data and which applications you want in which cloud. Criteria such as flexibility, safety, performance and cost are of course important. The most important question is what you want to achieve by working in the cloud and what this may cost. This is different for every company and we are happy to help you answer this question at Netcom Solutions. 

A network of reliable partners

Over the years, we have built up a network of reliable partners at Netcom Solutions, which we can rely on. In this way we are sure that we can offer our customers a high-performance, tailor-made cloud solution at an attractive price. Based on the answers and expectations of our customer, we match the right supplier with a solution that exceeds expectations. Dozens of options are added every year and together with our partners we keep our finger on the pulse, so that we can always offer the most optimal solution. That is what we at Netcom Solutions call the strength of our network. 

Solutions for every type of cloud

We have the perfect application for every type of cloud. We not only guide you through the negotiations, but also offer support during migration. This is different for every company, but this can take quite some effort, which means that independent advice may be indicated. We have the necessary experience in migration processes and therefore guide you through the obstacles and pitfalls. You can come to us for a solution from A to Z as well as for small partial solutions such as licenses. 

Want to know more if the cloud is for you? 

Would you like to know more about what is possible for your SME? Have you heard something blowing about the cloud, but do you want more information or do you simply want the cheapest solution? Make an appointment with one of our independent advisers and we will be happy to tell you more about it. By the way, did you know that we can also reduce your telecom and energy bills nicely and that we can help you with the cheapest rates on the market?